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Which Is The Right UPS/Inverter For You? There are over 100 different models of UPS’s and inverters just from the known brands. Choosing one that fits your needs can be tricky. Fortunately, it’s a science that’s easy to remember. If you can stretch your budget just a little, buy a sine wave Inverter/Home-UPS over a square wave Inverter/Home-UPS as it reduces heating, increases the longevity of the appliance in addition to reducing the humming sound occurring in tube lights and fans which is a common recurring problem of square wave Inverter/Home-UPS. The supplied electricity quality of sine wave Inverter/Home-UPS is also better than the grid. Battery Inverter Shoppe is the best dealer of UPS/Inverter in Jaipur. To explore the wide range of options we have, visit our website at or call +91 8030007364.
Battery Inverter Shoppe is the best dealer and distributor of Microtek batteries and inverters in Jaipur. Our shop is located at Shop No. 51, Gayatri Nagar-2nd, Near Pinjrapole Goshala, Tonk Rd, Sanganer, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Microtek is the country’s Largest Power Products manufacturer for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and Battery Inverter Shoppe is the best store to buy the same from. The UPS is built on IPS technology that saves electricity. We cater to a wide range of External Battery UPS/ Hi-End Sinewave Jumbo UPS starts from 700 VA to 10KVA everything at an affordable price. To check out our collection of Microtek batteries and inverters/UPS visit our website at or call +91 8071266216.